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Having hung art for many of the foremost interior designers in the UK, I am now proud to offer my services through my new brand, ‘Hang it Services’.

My colleagues and I have hung thousands of artworks in hundreds of show homes and properties throughout London and the south east. From fine prints to pieces worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, we have hung each one securely, safely and with the utmost precision.

If you’re looking to have a single piece or several pieces hung with the best of attention and care, then we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Perhaps you have recently moved and need an entire property’s worth of artwork hanging. We’ll be happy to help with this too.


Delighted to finally have treasured family photos professionally selected and properly hung. Highly recommend.
5 purple stars

Jane, London

About the best service I have received. James was helpful, efficient and willing to proffer ideas/solutions and also explain everything he was doing. Definitely well worth every penny spent.
5 purple stars

Nneka Wood, Maidenhead

“Very precise in every aspect”

This is the second time I have used James to hang pictures. He hung a number of items but one was complicated as he had to hang a very large canvas along the staircase. He offered very good advice about position and was very precise in every aspect. Once again his professionalism was excellent leaving everything tidy and clean. His hourly rate is worth every penny and I would have no hesitation using him every time. He is busy all the time but worth waiting for him. Thank you James!
5 purple stars


“Professional from beginning to end”

James was a professional from beginning to end. He arrived on time and quickly identified what fittings and tools he needed to hang out artwork. He measured carefully and precisely and hung the pictures with a real eye for the correct placement. He worked very quickly and very neatly, ensuring no mess. I can highly recommend James to anyone who needs artwork of any size hung well and efficiently.
5 purple stars

Anne Robinson

“Professional and immaculate”

Not only did they provide the most professional and immaculate service, but the team at Hang it Services were charming and truly delightful.

(received via Google)
5 purple stars

Katy Ostro

What we Offer

Visual Advice

Where art is hung in a property can make an enormous difference. With a wealth of experience in interior design we can advise you on the best location.


If we hang it, it will stay hung. We’re fully insured and can arrange additional cover quickly for any particularly high value items.

We always use the correct fixings for the job. We carry a range of both hard wall and plasterboard fixings to get your pieces safely on the wall.

Security fixings

With the need for extra security for particularly valuable pieces of artwork we also offer security fixing.

Security fixings provide two functions; they are anti-theft and anti-fall. This makes them great for high value pieces, and also for extra piece of mind in homes with small children where artwork might be knocked easily.

Security fixing is also a great service for landlords renting out furnished properties or in the communal area of apartments.

Honesty and Clarity

Our pricing is clear cut and precise. There are no hidden extra charges. We provide bespoke estimates for all installations and if we complete a task sooner than estimated then we will gladly adjust accordingly.

An Example Installation

Where we Cover

Pinned above are some of our recommended galleries and framers.

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What Do we Hang?

We will hang all types of pieces designed to be hung on a wall, all pieces are double fixed where possible for stability and safety.

We carry a multitude of fixings for all wall types. After an initial consultation can offer different options to get even the biggest and heaviest pieces up securely.







Fine Art

Family Photos

Items hung this year
Items hung last year

More Information

While we are not a framing service ourselves we do work with local framing providers and can offer professional advice on getting the best possible products.

Picture placement is absolutely vital to getting the maximum effect of every piece. With years of experience working with interior designers we can offer first class advice on how to maximize the impact of your art.

We are often asked to build a montage for clients of their favourite pieces, and a montage done right is absolutely stunning.
Its much more than just putting random pictures up in hoping it works.

Maybe you have a selection of family pictures you would like to arrange but aren’t sure how to do it.

Hang It Services can help, with our experience in doing these we can make an arrangement to proudly display your memories.